Executive Director of AHDO have been praised to visit Yanze Horticulture Promotion Cooperative (YAHOPROC)

In summary, the Executive Director of AHDO have been praised to visit and be on one of working area of APEFA, where he has meet the members of Yanze Horticulture Promotion Cooperative (YAHOPROC). He thank APEFA the considerable effort done to transform the life of small farmer through various project he visited like: Irrigation system using solar powered pumps in order to develop the smart agriculture promotion, integrated irrigation with aquaculture that pray a big impact in food security combined with fighting malnutrition and Modern pigs farming developing quick income generation and house garden manure access.

Therefore, in general, he was very excited by all activities implemented by APEFA and promise strong partnership between APEFA and AHDO in future project. He conclude by promising YAHOPROC to given them a small truck that will help them to carry the vegetables yield on market easily and save more interest. and then, he end the trip by inviting APEFA to be ready to help other countries working with AHDO in capacity building in small farmer developing project.

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