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The Action for the Environment Protection and Agricultural Sector Promotion (APEFA) has on January 25, 2022, distributed 210 pigs to residents in Mpanga Sector of Kirehe District once affected by disasters in 2019.

The recipients of the livestock mostly from Ubudehe first and second categories received 210 female pigs in a distribution activity officiated by Kirehe District Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Development, Mr. Modeste Nzirabatinya.

They received the support under the implementation of the project “Support for the rehabilitation of the agricultural production for the affected community farms in Kirehe District” funded by The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Residents clap for FAO during the event

Speaking at the distribution activity, Kirehe District Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Development, Mr. Modeste Nzirabatinya commended FAO for having thought about the victims whose farms were affected by disasters in 2019 urging the beneficiaries to treat well the livestock they were given as they will help lift themselves out of poverty.

“A pig is known for its quick reproduction and therefore providing the income and production fast for the farmer. Go and treat them well, they will bless you with cash,” Mr. Nzirabatinya told the cautiously listening population.

Kirehe District Vice Mayor Mr. Modeste Nzirabatinya urged the beneficiaries to treat well the livestock

“I know of people who came to be rich starting from one livestock. Feed them well, check on them and call the veterinarian whenever they show illness symptoms. They will benefit you,” he said.

 Joy for beneficiaries

The small stock (pigs) were distributed to beneficiaries where terraces were rehabilitated in order to support them in preparing of organic manure and increase soil fertility.

The beneficiaries say the pigs given to them will help them increase their farming and agriculture production.

Verene Kankuyo is a 66-year-old widow living with her granddaughter with a disability. They live in Nyagatovu Village, Mpanga Cell in Mpanga Sector of Kirehe District.

Oldie Kankuyo hopes the pig she received will help her increase the harvest

She says, her farm didn’t provide her with enough production but the pig she received will provide her with manure and hence increase her agricultural harvest.

“I am very happy to receive this pig. I hope it helps me leave poverty as it’ll provide me with the manure to use in my agricultural activities which didn’t give me enough harvest before,” Kankuyo joyfully revealed.

Some recipients of pigs with District authorities and APEFA staff
They signed upon receiving the livestock
The livestock received were immediately immunized against rampant illnesses

Besides the livestock distributed, APEFA had also distributed potato vines (Cuttings) for beneficiaries to be planted on 88 hectares located in five sectors; Mpanga (30ha), Kigarama (8ha), Kigina (15ha), Nyamugali(8ha), Mahama(20ha) and Nasho (8ha) and horticulture seeds including cabbage (10Kg), onion (10Kg), Bell Pepper (10Kg) and carrots (5Kg).