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From the 5th -9th, August 2019 in Rutsiro District IUCN organized a training workshop on village land use Action Planning (VLUAP).  APEFA participated in the workshop training of facilitators for the Village Land Use and Action planning (VLUAP).  And then from 26th -30th August 2019 the District Mobilization Coordinators and Community Mobilization Officers from APEFA participated in the VLUAP training workshop that targeted Sector Agronomists, Sector Land use Officers, Forest extension officers, veterinary officers and cooperative officers. At the cell level the participants included the Cell Executive Secretary and the in charge of Social and Economic Affairs. For the new APEFA staff on the project it was an opportunity to network with the local leaders especially those at the cell level.

The objectives of these workshops was to:

  • Equip selected facilitators from RWFA, APEFA, Districts, Sectors and Cells with the tools needed to conduct land use planning sessions at village level,
  • Agree on the VLUAP process from problems analysis to potential solutions and practical work plan (what, where, when, how and who),
  • Develop a road map for VLUAPs elaboration in the entire Sebeya Catchment.

The outcome of this workshop was a 5 Month road map for Karambo and Sebeya