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On 28 September 2017, FAO visited the Project of Rational use of Yanze river water for rural agriculture development in Rulindo District; which is intended to solve the problem of water scarcity and improve the living.


The action has taken place on the field of the project in Rulindo District, Ngoma Sector, and has brought together the variety of leaders with agricultural development in charge. Among whom are leaders of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) which funded the project, leaders of APEFA (Action for the Protection of the environment and the promotion of agricultural sectors) which is implementing and supervising the project. The leader in charge of irrigation in Rulindo District and the Secretary Executive of Ngoma Sector have also turned up, alongside the citizens who use Yanze valley for agricultural activities to earn a living.


At the start, Nzabonimpa Oscal, the Executive Director of APEFA, Has taken the flow and elaborate on the use of the project, its impact to the community and the reason why Rulindo District was selected. He said that the project comes to end problems of shortage of water that farmers used to face in that high-sloped topography. “As the climate changes, it does not rain when it is expected, and sometimes rains when it was not expected. This challenged farmers who need to run their activities in all seasons.” He said. “These ponds will help farmers carry out irrigation in an effective manner, which will lead to the increase of productivity.” He continued. 


Ruhiza Jean Boroto who was the guest of honor, is a Senior Land and Water Officer in FAO whose office is in FAO headquarters, Rome. He congratulated APEFA for having implemented the project punctually and effectively. He also explained for the people of Ngoma Sector how modern Agriculture could change their life. “This will help you increase your production and get enough to eat, as well as reserving for the market, you can build a house, you can take your child to school; in fact you can become millionaires.” Said Jean Boroto.


This project was funded by FAO and implemented by APEFA. It has three months so far from its ignition, and contains the construction of four ponds each designed to store 250m3 water during the rainy seasons and be used in the long sunny season and the purchase of water pump machines.  The overall project is worth $50,000, and will be finalized next month.


The modern irrigation that deploys the manual use of ponds can splash water to the maximum area of 500 meters of radius. And its method requires more than three people to take on.  According to the farmers form Yanze Horticulture Production Cooperative (YAHOPROC) who are the beneficiaries of the project, say that it will improve their agriculture method, which will result to the increase of the harvest, and the vegetables market satisfaction in Kigali city. “we are delighted for this project, it will help us do our agricultural activities in summer, winter and so on, all we can promise is the security of these ponds because they are the development coming our way” said Annunciata Uwimana, the president of YAHOPROC. They also wish that the project could be made so bigger that water can reach the hillside. 


This project is mainly located in the vast valley between two cells, Bunyarwanda and Karambo, the valley is surrounded by the huge slopped mountains, and it is covered with vegetables, horticultures and the growing of Stevia plantation.