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On 27th September 2022, in collaboration with CECI (Education Center for International Cooperation), whereby APEFA has started the agro ecological practice in Bugesera District, its technical team has carried out the practical training on Compost making and vegetable seeds sowing at Muyange site (Ngeruka cell), with 43 members of four cooperatives: KOJYAMUNGE, KOTEMUNGE, KOPABINGE and KOANGER.

The farmers acquired with theoretical knowledge on agro ecology or organic farming with APEFA and CECI team have conducted test model together the beneficiaries by making organic compost and seeds sowing of vegetable seeds therefore they will produce organic vegetables (Without mineral fertilizers and pesticides).

Gerard Simbuka, a farmer member of KOTEMUNGE cooperative

During the implementation of this agro ecological test model in Bugesera District, APEFA in collaboration with CECI have started by theoretical training in order to build the capacity of communities through Training of Trainers of cooperative representative 46 selected members (27 men and 19 females) within main key concept and principles of managing natural resources, proper farming reducing chemical products, seeds selection and soil conservation practices while increasing agricultural productivity.

APEFA’s team, Diane TUYISENGE, Livelihood expert & Eric Sibomana, Technical Program Manager and Ariho Moses Executive secretary of Ngeruka cell

On 8th November 2022, APEFA’s team; Consultant from CECI and Executive secretary of Ngeruka cell,conducted a field visit to assess the activities implemented under agro-ecological practices (compost making and sown vegetables seeds).

The APEFA’s team have observed that this testing model is well undergoing and appreciated therefore they recommended to scale up these practices in their different farm land due to that organic crop yield needed to the market with high price, the production don’t contain any negative effect to human being and it has no effect on climate change.

Diane TUYISENGE, Livelihood expert talking to participated beneficiaries


Ariho Moses Executive secretary of Ngeruka cell

Beneficiaries/ Cooperative members
SENTARU JMV Consultant from CECI