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APEFA conducted the training of District, Sector & Cell Staff on a Smart Irrigation system, under the implementation of the Project called ‘Solar powered irrigation and improved cooking stoves for communities in the Bugesera District”, whereby the participants understand their role in implementation, challenges and sustainability of the project.

A one day-event was attended by 13 participants including agronomists from District and Sector, Executive Secretaries of 2 sectors, Social and Economic Development Officers of 2 cells in Bugesera District and APEFA Staff, led by Executive Director, Oscar Nzabonimpa took place at La palisse Hotel, on 21st February 2023.

In his remarks, APEFA Executive Director, Oscar Nzabonimpa asked the participants to make sure if the activities of the project under implementation especially for Solar powered irrigation in Ngeruka Sector will bring the benefit to the beneficiaries.

We need that the solar powered irrigation installed in the site help the community and be able to satisfy the market locally and whole Bugesera District in terms of vegetables and fruits, because they will be able to grow them all season of year.”

APEFA Executive Director, Oscar NZABONIMPA

He also asked the participants to contribute in establishing a sustainable way of taking care of the work done and help the beneficiaries (4 cooperatives) to own the project and move forward to the high living standard.

Oscar Nzabonimpa appreciated the good cooperation between APEFA and Bugesera District, especially the administrative staff of the Ngeruka and Mareba Sector, He also encouraged the participants to understand well the status of the project, the current challenges occurred what to do in order to make sure that the project will achieve its goals.

Gatoya Theophile, Bugesera District Agronomist

Gatoya Theophile, Bugesera District Agronomist acknowledged the activities that have been achieved in collaboration with APEFA, through the support in SSIT program that was previously the task of District and Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Board. He mentioned that the initiated discussion will be further helpful for the long-term sustainable development of Bugesera Community.

Executive Secretary of Ngeruka Sector, Rwasa Patrick

The Executive Secretary of Ngeruka Sector, Rwasa Patrick, who represented the Mayor of Bugesera District, thanked APEFA for the useful training and unlimited cooperation.