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Back ground of the project


The Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority (RWFA)/Integrated Water Resources Management Department (RWFA/IWRMD) is in charge of identifying and the development of project activities that tackle issues related to watershed management.

The IWRM Programme uses a modified watershed approach, which applies comprehensive water resources management practices. This includes the establishment of grass strips and construction of soil bunds, improved bench terraces, cut off drains, waterways, check-dams as well as planting agroforestry trees, shrubs, grasses, legumes in order to reduce soil erosion. Those measures, combined with the application of lime and compost shall improve the much-needed fertility and productivity of the land of the landowners / farmers – the Beneficiaries – of the projects.


 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN), Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority, Water for Growth and Rwanda Reserve force.  

Timeline of the project

This project is on-going and will be Implemented in a maximum duration of 36 months.


This project will cover two Districts Rubavu and Ngororero.

Objectives of the Project

The main rationale for erosion control is to reduce soil losses under an acceptable level considered as not affecting soil fertility and resulting in decline of yields. Soil fertility as farmers are no longer interested in stopping erosion but in soil productivity maintenance and improvement

Main Activities

Demarcation line on 50 m of buffer zone Nursery preparation Trees and reeds plantation Erosion control lines Maintenance and guarding.

Challenges and Recommendation


The overall outcome is to improve the soil conservation measures in Sebeya catchment.

The recommendation is to Strengthen catchment & micro-catchment committees, & district to take on overall coordination & monitor progress

Expected project outcome

The overall outcome is to improve the soil conservation measures in Sebeya catchment