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The Executive Director of the Action for Environment Protection and Promotion of Agricultural Sector (APEFA), Oscar Nzabonimpa has called the Executive Secretaries of Cells in Gisagara District for enhanced collaboration in community mobilization in Green Amayaga project implementation.

He stated that project seeks to resolve social welfare problems among them stunting rampant among children and create green jobs for the youth and women.

Nzabonimpa made the call on Monday, December 6th this year, during a meeting that brought together the APEFA staff working on community mobilization and capacity building in Green Amayaga project and local authorities in Gisagara District.

The Green Amayaga project being executed for phase 2 aims at forest landscape restoration in Amayaga Region extending on selected sectors of Gisagara, Nyanza, Ruhango and Kamonyi Districts. APEFA works on “Community capacity building in the areas of livelihoods and agroforestry for Forest Landscape Restoration in the Mayaga Region”.

Green Amayaga Project is implemented by RDF Reserve Force

Among the attendants was Gisagara District Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Development, Mr. Jean Paul Habineza, Gisagara District Reserve Force Commander Cells Executive Secretaries who, for some cells, were represented by the Cells Social and Economic Development Officers.

Gisagara District Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Development, Jean Paul Habineza- who chaired the meeting- commended APEFA for its role in community mobilization and capacity building in the Green Amayaga project which he said will help in transforming lives of the citizens.

Gisagara District Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Development, Mr. Jean Paul Habineza

After taking the participants through the APEFA background, APEFA Executive Director, Oscar Nzabonimpa said Green Amayaga project is expected to improve livelihoods of the residents of Amayaga region and create green jobs for the youth.

He said in every district where the project is executed, a plant nursery will be put in place as a business to generate income for the youth among many other impacts.

“This project comes as a solution to malnutrition and stunting problems as for instance kakamega plants grown during this project will be used to feed livestock which will eventually provide milk and meat to children,” he further explained.

The Green Amayaga Project Coordinator at APEFA, Sabin Sana said that environment protection activities are transboundary as they benefit the whole world.


He told the participants that among activities for community mobilization, football, arts and dance competitions will be held hence asking for collaboration with local institutions and beneficiaries.