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APEFA staff working in the Forest Land Restoration (Green Amayaga project) have on February 15 this year, conducted a field visit at EAV Mayaga secondary School where students have recently created an environment club.

The creation of the club came as one of the recommendations of the training for teachers on environment management and climate change adaptation that was held on December 30th, 2021 in Nyanza District.

The training brought together teachers from selected secondary schools from Nyanza, Gisagara, Ruhango and Kamonyi Districts extending over Amayaga region where the FLR Green Amayaga project is implemented.

It’s in this line that the visiting team from APEFA composed of Nyanza Forest Expert, Eng, Jackson Ndera and The Field Assistant in charge of Ntyazo, Kibilizi and Muyira sectors, Mr. Fidele Ishimwe to visited EAV MAYAGA-as one school whose teachers were trained- to follow up the implementation of aforementioned recommendation.

The team met EAV MAYAGA Director, Fr. IRAGUHA Eric, two trained teachers and the students who are the members of the club.

The club of which members meet once a week has started environment protection activities by managing trees that are planted in the school yards and class gardens, delivering eco code messages on panels.

The Environment club in EAV MAYAGA is strong and committed to make Amayaga green again

It was also revealed that they plan to plant different tree species including agroforestry, ornamental and fruit trees among many other activities planned.

“Our school wants to plant many trees and mostly fruit trees for our students’ nutrition enhancement. Our club will be the leading force,” Fr. Eric IRAGUHA was quoted as saying.

Eng Jackson Ndera explained Green AMAYAGA project to the students and its objective of promoting biodiversity, foster ecosystem services, increase agricultural productivity and reduce the vulnerability of people and ecosystems to the adverse effects of climate change.

The field assistant spoke about the mandate of APEFA in Green AMAYAGA which is the mobilization through awareness campaigns, training and workshops to raise the capacity and ownership of the project beneficiaries and community in general under FLR Green AMAYAGA scope area.

Students in EAV Muyira Environment Club will visit Nyarubogo DAM in Muyira Sector, Nyanza District to understand the watershed and its role in embedding the water sources