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Partnering with Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) , Action for Environment Protection and Promotion of Agricultural Sector (APEFA) has held a two days training on Sustainable Forest Management Practices and formation of PFMUs (Private Forest Management Units) in Kamonyi District.

PFMUs is a program where parcels of forests are grouped together to enable the implementation of proper forest management practices.

Trained forest owners from Kamonyi will this Friday, July 8, 2022 conduct a study tour in Fumbwe Sector of Rwamagana District where the PFMUs have started harnessing and listen to host farmers’ soon success-promising story.

Through Forest Landscape Restoration in Amayaga Region (Green Amayaga) Project, Forest Owners in Kamonyi have formed Forest Owners Associations and are looking forward to start managing their forests sustainably by forming Forest Management Units (FMUs).

Trained forest owners will end the training by visiting forest owners in Rwamagana District for a study tour