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The FFS groups are at starting point but active. They have to start activities and saving and lending activity for something that cant bond them together in order to meet weekly so that they can prepare land for next season.

In Kigali village/ Munyinya Busoro   the FFS group is well formed with the name and the group leaders and ready to perform different activities in line with project objectives. In order to meet regularly, they were advised to have some common activity that always make them meet like saving. Not only being in FFS group, some of them benefited from the project activities. They were requested to take good care of them for their sustainability

FFS group in   the group members were selected but the activities are not yet started but as the members are ready to start they committed to meet at the first time and they will call APEFA technicians to help in group formation and starting the agricultural activities that increase production while protecting environment and minimizing the use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides by replacing them with organic ones