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Action for Environment Protection and Promotion of Agricultural Sector

APEFA is a National Non-Government Organisation founded by people concerned with environment degradation in Rwanda and food security; and legally recognized as an Organization working on environmental education, public awareness, and Climate Change, sustainable development aspects and promotion of sustainable agriculture in Rwanda with a legal status of the Ministerial order No. 99/11 of 31 July 2008 published in the Official Journal No 16 of 15/08/2008 and renewed by RGB/ with certificate of compliance and published in the official gazette No. 38 of 22 September 2014.


The effective integration of the Rwandan population in the process of solving problems related to the environment and food security.


Towards an environmental balance at the same time including sectors forestry, agro forestry and development of the agricultural sector for harmonization likely to improve the living conditions of the community;


1. Promoting public awareness;

2. Contribution to the environmental balance and food security at the community level;

3. Conservation of Natural resources at community level (Forests, soil conservation)

4. The development of the agricultural sector through the use of quality seed and the priority use of organic fertilizers (manure compost promotion).