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Bugesera: Solar-powered irrigation and improved cooking stoves project


Through the IKI Small Grants, GIZ in partnership with APEFA are implementing
a project entitled “Solar-powered irrigation and improved cooking stoves for
communities”, in the two sectors of Ngeruka and Mareba Sectors of Bugesera


In fact, the two sectors were chosen due to their large number of vulnerable
people. Ngeruka and Mareba Sectors have a total population of 63,000 people
of which 9, 812households are under Poverty.


“Solar-powered irrigation and improved cooking stoves for communities in the
Bugesera District”, will support vulnerable small-holder farmers of Bugesera
District by installing solar-powered small-scale irrigation schemes and energy
saving cooking systems, which are critical in building resilience of farmer.


The 18 months project will contribute to the reduction of Greenhouse Gas
Emission through introduction of a new climate smart agriculture practices for
300 vulnerable small farmers households in Bugesera District. It will enable
farmers to achieve more reliable, profitable and sustainable production,
increase their resilience and better adapt to the impacts of climate change.