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Through it mission of an environmental balance at the same time including sectors forestry, agro forestry and development of the agricultural sector for harmonization likely to improve the living conditions of the community; Action the protection of environment and promotion of agricultural sector .

Today on 15 September 2019, APEFA Signed a partnership agreement with a French International non-government organization called Harmonious Initiatives which stand for sustainable development and this partnership will mainly focus on the construction of sanitation facilities accessible by vulnerable people. Specifically it will focus on the improvement the impact of environment, health and socio-economic conditions of the population and increasing the rate of access to improved sanitation facilities by the use of innovative approach among other.

The Executive Director of APEFA Mr.NZABONIMPA Oscar Thanked the Madam Nadine Mutesi Jonglez de ligne the Managing Director of Harmonious Initiatives for the love and the commitment to work with people of Rwanda mostly aiming to support programs that improve their well beings.    

Madam Nadine Mutesi Jonglez de Ligne and Mr.NZABONIMPA Oscar

Both parties committed to continue working together to make this partnership successful one.