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The group of 15 horticultures of Nyanza District/ Busasamana Sector/ Nyanza and Kavumu Cells who use the Akaziga marshland for agriculture ( Vegetables). They were trained on different topics such as agro ecology and GALS. Where they learned organic agriculture for organic vegetables. Minimise the use of mineral fertilizers and pestcides replaced by organic pesticides, manure and compost so that the soil fertility improved. They learned also the 12 variables for sustainable agriculture.

The horticultures were trained on GALS ( Gender Action Learning System) They enjoyed the lesson and they said that it is the first time and this will help them to plan with target ( Vision road journey)  and (Diamond dream)that help beneficiaries to understand the problems linked to gender inequalities.

In partnership with Nyanza District, Nyanza DEO opened the training APEFA is conducting for increasing knowledge of the users of Akaziga marshland in order to protect Nyamagana dam that has to be rehabilitated for eco tourism purpose.