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On 06/09/2018, APEFA has organized a training session on leadership of cooperative. This training was prepared in the framework of the implementation of the project ?Rational use of Yanze river water for local agriculture development in Rulindo District and for domestic use in Kigali City? which is funded to APEFA by FAO-Rwanda.


This training held at NGOMA Sector Hall and put together 20 participants including leaders from Yanze Horticulture Promotion cooperative (YAHOPROC), local authorities and APEFA?s staff. 


The welcoming remarks were provided by the Executive secretary of Ngoma Sector, she reminded participants the role of this training which is to strengthen their capacities in terms of leadership and cooperative management, the ES thanked APEFA and FAO for their support in empowering their communities which will positively affect their livelihoods. She requested to all participants to continuously maintain the irrigation infrastructures established by the project, to follow carefully the training and she ended her remarks by wishing to all participants the fruitfully training.


margin-left:-.25pt;text-align:justify’>The technical Coordinator from APEFA, in his remarks reminded to all participants the main objectives of this project which is to use rationally the Yanze river water for agricultural and domestic purposes to promote Sustainable water resources management options of the Yanze River and its watershed to reconcile agriculture and domestic uses in Rulindo and Kigali through buffer zone protection, water harvesting, promotion small scale irrigation technologies (SSIT) and agroforestry scale up and out for climate change resilience of households in the watershed of Yanze.


He emphasized to the empowering of YAHOPROC members as the main beneficiary of this project because this project cannot achieve its objectives without the involvement of beneficiaries. He requested to good maintenance of all irrigation infrastructures established so that they can help cooperative to develop quickly by cultivating many varieties of vegetables in order to satisfy market in Kigali and he ended his remarks by wishing to all participants a good training session.


During the training, the trainers from APEFA have reminded to the participants; the legal framework of cooperative, characteristics of good cooperative and of good leader, on how to develop a cooperative, and on how to use the available resources to increase their vegetable production as well as maintenance of water storage dams established for small scale irrigation.


The training conducted in the participatory manner where participants were able to as question and to provide their comments and inputs.


The closing remarks were provided by Agronomist of Ngoma sector who thanked APEFA and FAO for their support to develop the agriculture in Ngoma sector.


He appreciated the quality of training and ensured the collaboration of local authorities to help this cooperative to be developed in terms of horticulture promotion as well as cooperative management.


He requested participants to go in their cooperative and put in practice what they have learnt in this training because it will help them to develop their cooperative as well as to increasing their agriculture production hence their livelihoods will be improved.


He ended his remarks by thanking the leaders of cooperative for their kind attention during trainings and wishing good work in their way of developing themselves and requested to all participants to take a group photo.