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In Nyanza, the team visited the environment club of Nyanza TVET School. It was created 7 years and it works very well. They explained well the project and its activities, they have the action plan (They planned 1 activity per month till the end of the school year. Such as recover the pathways in the premises, planting new trees, trenches maintenance in the school forest, to make a visit of other schools to know what is done there in order to learn from them (to share experience)

The ECO CODE were well posted at an appropriate place for everyone to read the message. The environment club members took the message as their motto so that they help in meeting the objectives of the green Amayaga project. “Make NYANZA TVET SCHOOL GREEN”

The pathways were maintained for school cleanness and warning signs are there, they committed to manage wastes by removing all plastics for environmental protection.