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on 24 th   February 2020 in Rulindo District Ngoma Sector where farmers grouped into YAHOPROC Cooperative operates, This delegation brought together representative from local Authority, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB), Rwanda Water Resources Board (RWB), Action for environment protection and promotion of Agricultural sector (APEFA) and the Ministry of environment as well.

This project on Rational use of Yanze river water for local agriculture development in Rulindo District and for domestic use in Kigali City worth to was granted funds under FAO and implemented by APEFA in Rulindo District, Ngoma Sector, Karambi and Munyarwanda cells and support more than 200 smallholder farmers grouped into one cooperative known on name of (YAHOPROC).

One of Water Harvesting Pond

This project will focused  on Capacity building on efficiency water use, trainings on vegetable value chain; Installation of 4 rain and river water harvesting ponds (250m3 each) for small scale irrigation; Supply of improved seeds to farmers and River bank protection (10 Ha). It will focused its intervention on sectors around the Yanze River (Ngoma, Rusiga, Shyorongi and Mbogo in Rulindo and Jari in Nyarugenge);

Cooperative Members entertain visiting delegation as a sign of happiness

The main objective of this project was Raising the public awareness for domestic and agricultural uses of Yanze water; Increasing farm productivity and rural income especially in dry season; developing vegetables value chain; Strengthening buffer zone protection; Generating employment along the irrigated agriculture value chain.

The delegation was satisfied on how the project activities are being taken care of ,thus  the cooperative has started generating financial income that facilitate it members to carter their  daily basic needs; that contribute to their social-economic development..

There after recommended the cooperative members to continue maintaining the project activities and make sure that there are efficiently and effectively used and promised technical support whenever deemed necessary, we are soon going to introduce fishing activities in rain and river water harvesting ponds, striving to achieve food security which is the national target